Ulrika Jonsson shares a racy confession to her Instagram story

‘I deserved sex today… but whatever!’ Ulrika Jonsson makes a racy confession as she shares the cheeky post with fans on her Instagram story

Ulrika Jonsson shared a racy confession to her Instagram story on Thursday. 

The Swedish-British TV presenter, 55, is known for being open and candid about sex, especially about relationships when growing older. 

And she continued her honest chat with a post to her 203k followers. 

‘I deserved sex today but whatever,’ she wrote on her story, amid snaps of a routine Thursday. 

Ulrika, who was a finalist in Celebrity Masterchef in 2017, has four children and has been single since she divorced Brian Monet in 2019.  

Racy confession: Ulrika Jonsson, 55, said she ‘deserved sex’ in a post on her Instagram story on Thursday

It comes shortly after Ulrik revealed her ‘sex secrets’ last week. 

She said the secret is to follow the ‘Scandinavian approach’, as they don’t shy away from nudity and are usually very accepting of their naked bodies.

Ulrika revealed that education surrounding sex starts at a ‘young age’ and there is no ‘pretence’ around what the act of making love is.

Revealing she was just five-years-old when she first encountered the topic, Ulrika said: ‘I first learnt about it at kindergarten at the tender age of around five. 

‘It wasn’t a case of learning about the birds and the bees. They called it what it was. There was no pretension.’

Swedish native Ulrika has never shied away from sharing details of her sex life and has previously admitted she likes dating and sleeping with younger men.

In October, the TV personality insisted that she wasn’t ‘ageist’ but confessed she had been ‘dating younger’.

Speaking to Closer magazine, she said: ‘I’ve been dating the last year and a half, on and off… In terms of younger men, it’s not so much about preferring sex with them, but I have been dating younger.

Candid: The TV presenter is open about sex and recently shared her top tips with her followers

‘I’m not ageist by any means. I’m an equal opportunities dater, so by all means, apply! I’m 55 now, but I feel rejuvenated and energetic!’

Speaking on her libido, she said: ‘I genuinely still feel as naughty silly and ridiculous as I ever did. I’m having HRT [hormone replacement therapy] for the menopause, but it hasn’t impacted my sex life at all.

‘I’m still very keen. I would love to have somebody in my life, but possibly not in a conventional way.’ 

Ulrika has been single since her 2019 divorce from third husband Brian Monet after the pair parted ways after ten years together. They have one son, Malcolm, 13. 

Her first marriage to cameraman John Turnbull was in 1990 and they have a son, Cameron, 27.

The presenter’s second marriage in 2003 was to Lance Gerrard-Wright who, at the time, was a contestant on her TV show Mr Right. They share a daughter, Martha, 17.  

She also has a daughter, Bo, 21, with ex-boyfriend hotelier, Marcus Kempen, who she separated from in 2000 after two years.

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