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Bored Panda Bored Panda You open the door to the kitchen. As you step out of the car, a man on a bicycle stops next to you. He wears a jacket and a bandanna, not much else. We know your car was here when you left, the man says. But I just wanted to get you one of those gift cards you keep in your back pocket. You dont want this guy to know where you live. You dont need a gift card, he says. Im going to give you something better than that. You say The InternetThe Internet, the man says. He takes out his phone and activates its screen. He clicks Go and turns on some sort of internet router. You watch as a white screen lights up across the room. And this one is way faster than youre going to need. You pull out your keys and knock. Im not answering the door, the man says. You start to open it, when he quickly shuts it and turns it around. Ive got the key here, he says. You open the doorYou turn the key in the lock. There are books in the bookshelf, and two small leather-bound journals. The man takes one of the journals and starts to read from it for a moment. You try to remember the yearYou remember the year 1989. You recall the day you were born, the year you were born, your birthday, and all the times you wished you were an adult.

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celebrities as disney characters