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This bothers us but shes so ugly and ugly that we gotta keep the taboo of not showing our face around her. Let s kick the sexy, sexy, stupidity out of her. When she asks me something I m gonna gotta be quick. I thinkThe red lights go on and off, the security alarms sound, and you are led out of the office. A couple of people stand outside, one holding a clipboard and a pen. You feel a cold hand on your shoulder and a finger pressing into your ear. Im not sure if it is a new trend or just the natural progression, but I have noticed an increase in the amount of porn being watched lately. When I was in my early teen years, I would just watch Playboy or whatever was in the video racks at the video store, it wasnt until the internet opened up the world of porn that I was exposed to on a larger scale. Since then, it has become my staple, as I have been watching and absorbing all types of sexual information. The thing is, I know a lot of you are the same way. Most importantly, you dont want your girlfriend to find out you are watching porn. So here is a list of reasons why you should start using porn block on your computer. Pro 1: Your Girlfriend Wants You To Stop Using Porn. I can pretty much tell you this with 100 certainty, some or maybe even most of the guys I know use porn. If it wasnt for porn, guys wouldnt have dates or simply enjoy women. The truth is, the majority of guys do porn for one reason and one reason alone, and that is to get laid.

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