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UggsYour article Boots inspired me, because I wear them, but I dont find them comfortable, for several reasons. A few of the things you said made me think that perhaps I was missing something, so I wrote to you to find out what you thought. From New York I actually wear them as well, but I believe that you are right about the styling and for me they fit much better than my old running shoes. Two, the heels in the picture, while very nice, arent my size because I bought them in womens shoes and was very surprised by their size, Im a woman who was told they were a little big, so it took me a while to decide that they were right for me So I didnt wear them in the house and I didnt wear them at all on our drive to the park or in the movie theater or anywhere else besides the house and the movie and after the movie I tried on your shoes and actually liked them, but I had no idea they would fit me too. I dont know if Ill wear them for work everyday, but for certain occasions I will wear them as the weather. Ill also admit that I dont like the way they look on me because I have to wear heels and I am not a tomboy, but I will have to wear them, because as youve pointed out, they are very comfortable. I have been eyeing a pair of your other shoes that are a little more casual, and I have to admit, they look really nice but I have a date to go to. And thanks for making my shoes that much more appropriate. KarenJust wanted to make you know that I received your letter and Im pretty happy with my shoes. I dont see how they could be more appropriate. Kasey Ive just opened a box of my moms old dresser and there she is, looking even more stylish in her UGGS shoes. Im also trying them on and they look great, so comfortable I will miss wearing my high heels after 2 days, Im going to try them on every time Im in the house and I highly recommend UGGS shoes to anyone who cares about looking good and being comfortable. From New York Just wanted to tell you that I also like them. You did a much better job on them than I did. And its interesting you said the heels arent my size. Im 52 and my mom has them on and the size 12 are a little small, it fits her like a shoe in the thigh and around the ankle but not the calf I was thinking maybe a size 8 or a size 10.

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