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The more you listen to this song the more you realize that this guy must be getting his info from the same source that is providing all the info on your phone, all you have to do is find it, just one more song then and were going to get to know you a little better. You decide that you need to keep looking for this guy, because who knows when he will finish and you will never know. You keep lookingYou look at the screen and scroll over to see that the song is called The Devil In I by John Mellencamp which you dont recognize so you just keep scrolling on. Finally you see another song called The Star Spangled Banner and then you see a pop up window to listen to the song. You hit the play button and are a bit surprised by what you hear. The devil in IWe all got to dieBut some of usGotta live to tell the taleThe man I married she was so prettyBut the next day she took her life. You are suddenly very sad and you dont think you can ever make it through your life with this guy. You feel a little guilty and your face gets all red. I cant believe I gave you that song to listen to. It might not have been the best choice of music and I didnt even like the song I think I will make a new playlist and listen to the music I did like. You head back to your car and get in the back where you have your laptop with you. You begin searching for this guy that gave you this song. You continue to search and you eventually find his name. It says on his profile that he lives in Los Angeles but you cant find him anywhere in the area, his last known address is in Nashville. You think you may have been too hasty but you know this kind of thing is not new to you. You delete your accountYou delete your Twitter account and head back to your laptop. You get to work again and continue searching on your own for this guys address. Again you find his name, but by now it is much easier for you to find him as he has deleted all his social network profiles. You wonder if deleting your account will be enough to make you feel better about this but this will be very difficult and you will have to go back to your old ways as it were. You delete your accountYou delete your Facebook account and go back to your laptop. You start deleting the old accounts that you dont remember setting.

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