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Paul You: Get yourself a little more up to dateYou have a hard time with this one, you like old people, but you usually have to keep in mind that they might be on their deathbeds and if they did, you wonder how they can have anything left to say anymore. Not to mention, if you met them when you were younger, you might have made a complete ass of yourself to you when you first shook their hand or gave them the business. Plus, its a bit of an irony that youre actually not interested in old people. The only one you ever have that you can make yourself interested in is your mother, but even she is an exception since you know it wouldnt be a right move on your part anyway. Still, you have a hard time thinking about it in general, so you eventually decide not to go through with it. Writer: If shes been going on about how great she is, then you really ought to give her a chance, you have to admit youve had a change of heart since the whole hanging around that creep thing. You walk along the street and eventually bump into a few people you know. One of them has a big smile on her face as she walks up to you, Hi she says, I was wondering where you were, I was just trying to find a place to buy some stuff. You smile back, Thanks, I was looking for a place to stay for the night. The woman looks to see who you are, and gives you a big hug and kiss, shes a little on the chubby side, but when you put your arm around her chest, you feel a bit of the fat melting on top of your skin. You feel her firm breasts press right against your body a bit when she squeezes, and she gives your hand a light squeeze. Its been forever since I was able to spend the night here, youre welcome to join me you say before you go further. You finish up talking with the woman, and continue your search in the area, before you come across a big building and walk towards it. When you enter, youre greeted with a large lobby with two people standing in front of it, a man and a woman. The man looks like he just woke up, he has white hair, and his face is very wrinkled. He wears a suit of some sort with gold buttons on the chest, and a tie that has a diamond on it, it makes a lot of loud clicking noises. He walks to the edge of the lobby with one good leg, while the woman walks with the other.

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