Trevor Bauer Accused Of Abusing Another Woman, P Claims Woman Lying, Tried To Extort Him

Another woman has accused Trevor Bauer of physically assaulting her during sex, according to the Washington Post, who reports the accuser was granted a restraining order against the star pitcher in 2020.

However, Bauer claims the woman is flat out lying … and says her sole objective was to extort him for millions of dollars.

On Saturday, The Washington Post reported a woman from Ohio previously accused the Cy Young award-winning pitcher of choking and punching her without consent while having sex with Bauer.

The Post also reported TB sent a threatening text to the woman, allegedly writing he didn’t “feel like spending time in jail for killing someone” … continuing, “And that’s what would happen if I saw you again.”

WaPo says officials granted the woman a temporary restraining order against Bauer in June 2020 — after she received the menacing text.

The Post also says they’ve seen alleged injury photos the woman claims were sustained at the hands of Bauer. When shown the photos, the pitchers reps questioned the validity of the images, according to TWP.

But, Bauer — who has not addressed allegations of abuse since being accused in June 2021 — finally broke his silence Saturday … addressing the accusations brought forth in the Post’s story.

TB called the allegations “baseless” on social media, claiming he was the real victim of “a woman who has not only harassed and physically assaulted me but who also attempted to extort me for millions last year in exchange for her not coming forward with false claims.”

Bauer’s sports agents, Jon Fetterolf and Rachel Luba, also issued a statement blasting the latest accuser.

“Mr. Bauer had an on-and-off wholly consensual relationship with the woman from 2016-2019. Despite multiple requests by Mr. Bauer to cease all contact and end their relationship after he left Cleveland, the woman persisted in proactively contacting Mr. Bauer in an attempt to continue a relationship.”

They continued … “When he refused, she resorted to threats and filed a bogus protection petition as a ruse to demand millions of dollars.”

Fetterolf and Luba say the woman began harassing Bauer when he tried to end the relationship, before she ultimately “perpetrated a fraud on the courts filing for a protection order as a means to threaten and attempt to extort money from Mr. Bauer, demanding $3.4 million for her to ‘remain silent.'”

Of course, the latest-known accusers reported accusations are strikingly similar to the California-woman who accused Bauer of choking and punching her unconscious during 2 sexual encounters in April and May of 2021.

Police are actively investigating that case. The woman has a restraining order against the pitcher. Bauer is currently away from the Dodgers on paid administrative leave.

Bauer’s legal team has been adamant that the Spring 2021 incident was nothing more than consensual, rough sex.

Bauer signed a 3-year, $102 million deal with the Dodgers this past offseason.

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