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While others, whichs the difference between gender queer and transsexual. Your thoughts are interrupted by your phone blaring. 26th Oct 2014You sit in the living room, tapping your foot. You turn towards the screen of your phone to see your father, smiling. His eyes flicker down, and he raises his eyebrows. Ive been very busy these past few days, he says. Well, its good that youre doing well, Dad. He smiles again, this time a little wider. Youre the best thing that happened to my life. Im just worried about your sister, who lives overseas. You should let her know were all right, I guess. He looks around his living room, clearly thinking about something, before smiling. You both look over, both of you blinking a few times when you see a man in a purple cape and mask enter, holding a purple goblet. He takes another swallow of his fruit drink, before speaking again. But, I just want you to know Im really proud of you. And I know youve always been good to me and Im gonna always love you. His eyes turn a little wide, before the smile returns. He turns, and leaves with a wave, and the sound of his familiar Choo-Choo laugh. You call out into the living room, as loud as you can. As your phone rings, you frantically flip through your messages as you realize that its.

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