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The world is a big place, even if only on some distant Earth. But that doesnt mean you cant be a big part of it. Just as you are about to press the record button, there is a strange click and a moment of silence where every television in the house shuts off. Then, an alarm sirens throughout the house and you see a giant picture screen appear on the wall. It flashes a few words before going black:THIS WORLD IS ABOUT TO END. After a pause, another black screen appears. More time passes until the screen finally changes to black. The screen goes black for a moment longer before flashing some numbers:CHANGE OF HABITATION. More time passes and finally the screen flashes:THE END OF THE WORLD. The news is showing a map of the world with a red dot going over New Mexico and other ominous warnings. You cant really believe youre about to go live on national television, but then you remember that Jenner is about to make history. You pick up the remote and turn off the television, deciding not to go live on TV. As youre doing this, a sudden rush of air knocks you back to the real world. The television is off, the bed is still in the bedroom and everything else is in its usual place. There are a few pieces of clothing lying on the bed that are slightly on the larger size you like to wear, but otherwise everything else is the same. Im a model thats doing a reality show right now. You can tell how they feel about you by your answers to some questions. A NoNo, I dont know enough about being transgender to do that. Well, there are a few things you should know. First of all, the word transgender is a bit of a misnomer. It really means a person is not quite themselves. People transition when they recognize that they are something other than who they were born to be. As a result, some people do not feel like who they were born to be and make a change to themselves. However, many people do it as a result of a physical or psychological need and the need is often for ones physical body to match up with the gender assigned to them at birth. Another important thing to know is that it is not always ones sexual orientation that is a problem. A lot of people feel they are neither male nor female, so the word.

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transgender celebrities