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Caitlyn Jenner is our 1 trans man celebrity. After his sex change, he adopted the transgender sport to the-public as well. As his gender matures, he looks and acts more masculine. As he continues to grow in both his personality and his gender, he stays in-tune with-the-peopleand remains in-tune with-the-people Caitlyn Jenner Im just so glad that people like Jenner are now represented in the media more than in years. Im just glad they arent the only ones that are. Its nice to see that there are people that are also willing to speak up on behalf of others and how it makes us all feel to have someone who is like us speaking for us, even when its not necessarily what we want to hear. I can only imagine the amount of bullying and discrimination that would befall a trans person who was openly vocalizing that they were trans. I can only imagine how much it would cost those that actually knew. As Im sure you know, I am a cisgender woman, and that is the only reason why I am not in an immediate panic about being around trans people. I also know that there are transgender people that are out there just like me, or at least close to myself in age, and you wouldnt know it based on how they appear to you. I do believe, however, that if I were to come out, I would be in for the same amount of harassment or worse as a trans woman, because I would be seen as an aberration. It seems like the more open we all are, the more people are going to assume were doing something wrong and worse, just because were different. Its not the fault of the person that we think are trans, its the fault of society that expects us to conform. At least in Jenners case, she isnt forcing her way into the spotlight. Im just guessing that the rest of them are, though.

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transgender celebrities female to male