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In addition to the celebrities of the media, Transparent creator Jill Soloway has a strong focus on the media. This shows up in her short documentaries specifically filmed for the show. Its a different approach, but not only does it show a different point of view to a project, it helps provide a unique perspective. The documentaries are a mix between interviews, archival footage, and other interviews. There isnt a lot of it, but there is enough to create a lot of insight about how people are getting by and how these documentaries are being produced. The best of these documentaries, Transparenthood is a collection of interviews with activists, activists themselves, as well as a few trans characters. Some of these interviews I liked a ton, Mackenzie Daviss others were more interesting, the ones with the performers Its really interesting to see how a very large portion of the media is covering trans issues, but not having much to report on. It makes one think of the old adage about how all news is not good news. If you feel like you can only take so much about these documentaries, but you definitely need to know at least one thing about them, then go ahead and read on. The narrator for a few of these documentaries is Mary Jo Pehl, a writer, filmmaker and activist. This makes the film more than just a bunch of interviews, it makes it a documentary. The film is very informative for those that are not already familiar with trans issues. The film makes a really good argument on why there is a need for more trans awareness. It also makes a few very good points about just how much the media can affect peoples lives. While the film is very long it is actually divided in two sections. The first section deals with interviews with activists, the second section deals with archival footage from newspapers. You get a look into the medias side of things and its effects on trans people. I know a few of the interviews in the first documentary will be a bit on the nose and some of the archival footage will seem a bit odd, but I think the film does an excellent job of presenting things in a way that the average person can appreciate. Plus I was so interested in these individuals and their lives. Im sure they wouldnt have been a popular subject and the fact that it shows how they have survived for decades in this society just makes it all that more powerful. While the main documentary is informative, I do have to say that this is a bit on the nose and the archival footage may be a bit strange. Still, the interviews are interesting and it covers a great deal about what it means to be trans. Some of the interviews I thought were a bit ridiculous and were.

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