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The list includes all the celebs of celebrity and most of them are celebrities of the main. But it s only a portion of the entire entire popularity. Ve been trying to be more active with your empires defense. Though you know its not enough to last. Soon it will have to be brought to a close in a blaze of glory, but for now its in good enough condition that you can still hold it together. Your personal guard are good enough in that they never get tired and they never fall asleep, which means that you can stay in the fortress and keep an eye on things while your others do their jobs, they are all skilled warriors. The ones that you sent out to the front lines have done a good job. S only so much you can do regarding the siege. S a never ending struggle against a determined enemy. Ve actually been able to turn the tide. The problem is always when your troops get killed. The Empire has a lot of troops that are in pretty good condition for being at the bottom of the food chain, but in any battle where soldiers are killed, their bodies are lost forever. S just another casualty in the endless list of those that died in the Eternal Dominion. T long after that that the losses began to occur again. You eventually found out that you had to pay a heavy price for the victories you had made, and the cost always seemed to come in the form.

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