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Leader 020515, Thu, 17:29:23 ID: d1f863, 2, No. 118247 118257 118214 118209I am in love with you, but I do not have the guts to do shit about my feelings. It would be wrong to do something while I am in love. Do you think a man can do anything he wants in a situation like this. How could you ever possibly know how a man feels. A man is a collection of his emotions and you cannot judge him. You are only a female and you just can you what your feelings say. You dont care, youre doing it anywayNo, I will not make you feel bad. You try to convince meI am not going to listen. You continueYou just want me to take it easier when you fuck me. You cry until you pukeYou can go on, but only because you dont really care about me as a person. You cry some moreI am already tired of watching you cry. You cry a lotI am tired of watching you cry, but I dont want to hurt your feelings so I am going to stop. You stop cryingI dont want to cry anymore. You talk about a lot of thingsIt would be easier if I just listened. You stop trying to convince meI cannot do this. You are making me feel bad, and this is not right. You talk to me about a lot of thingsI am happy to hear you talk and tell me everything that is on your mind. You do what I tell youYou said too much. You dont care what I sayThis is all I want anyway. You try to convince me that I did the wrong thing. You try to convince me to forgive you. Im sorry for being so stupid and not doing it earlier.

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top 10 most hated celebrities