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You cant find Brazilian models in all those places. In the past, youve been able to sleep at a nightclub in another city, where you can feel the presence of the woman who is your lover, without any problem. However, you have an idea that, because of that, you have to be careful. But you know, because of that you have to be even more careful. You will sleep in a hotelYou find your home, your house, your room. With your bag in your hands, you leave the room and walk to the entrance. Then suddenly you get a knock on the door. The door opens and you see a small girl of about four years. She is wearing a tattered skirt, torn blue t-shirt, and some kind of bag. Then you see her eyes and your ears. And there is no hiding, because the eyes are bright and the ears are full and they look very beautiful. Then, with a voice sounding like a girls, she asks you:Does it hurt to hear this, mister. You dont answer, but you cant turn your head away. Oh, it is okay, you say, if I have the time, I will answer. You and the girl who is in front of you look into each others eyes for a long time and then the light of affection burns all your body. Your names Isabel, you say slowly, but you should be happy to have been my lover for two years. Then in front of your eyes the girl begins to weep: My mother is dying.

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