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You choose a different type of entertainmentYou choose to spend your time with other people because you find people to be more interesting to be around. You are going to watch a movie with your friends and then later you are going to talk about your vacation with your other friends. You go to your roomYou make sure you go to your room early, even if you get up very, very late. You get yourself to your room quickly, and even then, you never linger or stay for too long. You want to be alone at first, but as you are trying to grab your bag, you suddenly remember you still have that newspaper and pencil you got from the bus. It would be a good idea to write down your first impressions of the movie and return it to the newspaper in the morning before you go to bed. You open your room and get your bags and go to your room. You get ready and get dressed in some of the clothes you took from your room in the bus. You try on the hat you brought with you on from your room, but it was too big for you and you think the size 10 shoes you are wearing probably wouldnt fit, or at least not comfortably. There is also a bag you are glad is still with you. You cant quite put your finger on why you are still feeling nervous about what might happen, but its like something seems to be wrong with everything around you. You begin the walk to the movie theater and decide to call out to your friends on the way, just to see if they really are coming because you remember saying something like that just a few minutes ago. A couple of them do indeed come over, but they are so shy and hesitant about approaching you that you are worried that they will think you are flirting with them. You turn down many, many movie showings just to stick to the one movie showing you chose. They say they are actually a lot of fun and that it is the only movie showing they will be able to see for awhile. You know they mean it just from their quiet demeanor and their silence. Once you are almost to the theater, you once again attempt to ask your friends if they are actually going to see this movie. You do this a few times, but they are all so quiet and withdrawn that you dont think they are going to believe you, though you just try even more things to see if it is better to be nervous or to be positive. By now your friends are too scared and nervous to even speak. They are just going on what they have been told to say to you.

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