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The first thing you have to do is find out her celebrity neighbors. You can do it with her or you can ask a random person on the street. You think asking someone will be a more interesting way to do this. Once you know her celebrity neighbors, you have to find their place of residence. If you dont know their place of residence, you wont be able to tell them that they are celebrities. The guy on the street looks at you and says, Hello, who is this. You look around and say, Im a random stranger. Im calling because my house is right on Toluca Lake and Im a big fan. The guy on the street looks at you and says, Oh, is it the Foo Fighters house. The guy on the street stares at you and then says, Youre Miley Cyrus. Well, you can call me David. David hangs up the phone and looks at you. If you dont mind me asking, David asks, who is this person. David looks at his watch and says to his friend, I have to go. Suddenly, Davids friend asks, Is everybody happy now. I was just saying to David, you know, about doing homework, or whatever. It would be fun to be able to spend more time with those friends. You see a small house on the edge of a small, rural area. The landscape looks like a long, straight, thin line. You dont know anyone who owns a car. You head homeYou arent sure how long you will be staying on this land, so you decide to stay at home. You dont know anyone who owns a house and lives in one too. You have to buy your own house too. Or, you dont live in your parents house.

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