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I never realized how important the film business could be. The movie stars, Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck are now among the worlds wealthiest celebrities, while you are also very well off for a TV writer. You look around you again, at this point youve realized its not just your parents money youre missing. 10,000 you managed to scrape together from your Uncle Charlie, but you realize that youve never been this close to the source of that money. As you pull your wallet out, you smile to yourself, Im in. You grab a small book and a quill and a sheet of paper. You decide to write a short letter to your family. You write a letter to your familyYou start writing your letter to your family, which is surprisingly easy. You try to write about a topic that everyone can relate to. Then you start listing things you love about them, and things that you could do to make them happy. Its not long before you feel a small smile spreading across your face. Perhaps the first good job youve had in years. You hear your mothers voice, you turn around to see who it could be. You spot your father sitting in a chair, reading a newspaper. He looks up, sees you, and waves you over to say hi. He reads the article for a bit and turns back to you. Youre going to go to school now, right. Id like to take the English Literature course. You feel a smile form across your fathers face. Now, I dont want to keep you anymore than I need to, so whats your name. Great, Ryan, Im glad youve decided to go to school. Id like you to meet my son Jason. Jason joins you and your father, shaking your hand. Nice to meet youYour father turns back to the newspaper again. Youll notice, by the way, that were in some political trouble.

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