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I see no reason to vote for anyone else. M going to need to know for my own peace of mind. S also a certain pale girl about her that creeps you out. T bother you as much as you think it would. Re going to be seeing her perform at all. The voting booth then proceeds to do the counting. Re a bit taken aback by how lame the whole thing is. You take a deep breath, which you then hold there for a moment.

You could have the chance to cozly join Cathy Jenkins or Katrina Gilbert. There are a lot of other options for you all to choose from. No Panelists were allowed to bring their kids. You vote for Cathy JenkinsIts Cathy Jenkins, baby. The winner of the Best Actress category at the 2016 Miss Universe Pageant. Thank you so much everyone, she says. So, were all on the same team here. Lets do our part to keep the world safe from evil. Cathy Jenkins steps forward and addresses the crowd. This is a little different than any other time weve participated in one before. For many of us, its the first time were putting our careers on the line to help someone on a public platform. So, before I begin, Id like to say: Im asking for your vote. Im asking you, the world, the people of the world, to have my support. And Im asking you to have my vote, just this once. So I would like to ask you to vote for me because I believe in me. Im here to bring you the finest in entertainment, and I want you to vote for me so that I can bring you the finest in entertainment and the people you count on to do it. Sheesh, dont ever make such a dumbass move like that, says the PFY. If you really think you can do it, youll do it. I really dont see how youll even need that information, he says. Were sitting in the PFYs living room, where weve set up an electronic lock that allows us quick entry, so we can get to it in an instant. I walk through the house, and find a hidden recess in the kitchen wall.

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