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Cher is the quintessential example of the flat top on a short haired woman. Short hair is totally the new hip, The look is perfect, she is stunning, her figure is perfect and her personality is perfect. Her short hair is hot thing is not self-deprecating, it is trueAll these characteristics combined make Cher the ultimate example of what we love about short hair. Her short hair is hot thing is not self-deprecating, it is true. Her perfect figure and perfect personality make her ideal for short hair. She is a role model for all teens and young women, so she represents a perfect image of the short hair lifestyle. The only problem is, it is just not true, Chers short hair is just perfect for a short crop top. This doesnt mean that short hair is no longer beautiful, in fact short hair is still a perfectly fine and natural hairstyle as long as you maintain the right length and style. The problem is that you get so used to short hair that you start making these ridiculous trends with short hair, the short haircut is hottest trend and the other ridiculous long haired trends, like curly and corn rows, that just dont belong. When it comes to short hair and crop tops the truth is a little different, you have to experiment with short hair, you have to wear a crop top with shorts for a day, and you have to wear a crop top with a short hair bandana. Not everything has to be all about short hair and crop tops and shorts. Sometimes, you just want to wear a shirt, a skirt, a pair of jean shorts and sunglasses. You want to wear a crop top and a short hair bandana. One of the worst things that short hair causes is a loss in creativity. All these short hair trends and long haired trends are the result of short hair destroying a creativity and originality that a short hair can provide. It is easy to be creative with short hair, and most of the times we can still be creative with long hair too, but short hair is a problem for our creativity. So, when you are in the market for short hair haircuts and short hair bandanas make a conscious effort to choose one that promotes individuality and creativity. When you are picking a short hair bandana, try and choose one that reflects your personality, that reflects your lifestyle and that reflects the lifestyle you chose to have. And most importantly, when you are picking a short haired singer who embodies your style and your.

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