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Well not famous, but you CAN tell that you are from another era. Sigh, That is right, you are one of the lucky ones who were born before the year 2099. Okay, I am going to give you just one guess and you are not allowed to change your guess even if you think you are right. Name one famous person alive at this very moment who is not a famous actor that you can think of. Giggling, Well you can change your guess if you like, but I will still be able to tell by your voice, mannerisms and other traits that you are an actor, giggling, Okay, I guess that will have to do. Sigh, Okay, that seems to be all the famous people you can think of, so who else is there. Sigh, Hmmm, I think your guess was about right. Sigh, You cant have guessed anything about who that other person was, because you dont know who that other person is. So you are pretty much out of luck there. Sigh, Well, I guess that means it is just you and me now. Lets see you act like the famous person, because you know they only get one shot at being famous. Sigh, Anyway, this is the part where you have to do your thing. Sigh, But I think I can tell from the way you are looking at me that this part is a challenge for you. You are already getting too old to go through the whole acting program. You could just come over to my house and try out for the job. Sigh, I am guessing you are not used to this sort of thing. I dont know if I have ever done this sort of thing before. I mean I do things at these parties I have been going to. Sigh, Okay, I am guessing that part is easy for you. Sigh, Look, I just told you to act like the famous person. Sigh, No, I meant everything else I asked of you. Now, I want you to pretend to be me, because I am really not going to judge you.

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