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As we think a little more about ourselves, I have one more thing to say. This is for all of us who have gotten so fat and are now beginning to lose it. In all the years of doing this for myself and my cohorts, there is NO way that we have ever cared less about ourselves than we do about all of you. We are the Timbos of hip-hop, the guys that got real fat, became addicted to drugs and fell in love with girls. When we made the mixtapes we made, we never thought that one day we would put them in the hands of over 500,000 people. We got the same thrill as any rockstars do when they are able to do something to bring a little joy into someones life and make them feel good about themselves. We should have more love and care for it and for ourselves. We should be appreciative and grateful for every moment that we have in this life. We were all one, the other day. I didnt even think Id be able to make it to one of these things, let alone have a good time. My name is Taylor, and I just came here to have sex with a dick. Sidenote: in case youre thinking that Im just some snot nosed, scrawny little thing, Im not, by the way. Even the ugly ones enjoy it I cant believe Im actually doing this. I mean, whats the point of being a hero if you dont have a free vacation from being a snot nosed twink. Especially one that can easily do more good without the need for a supervillain to kill and a super hero costume. My dad was so proud when I told him that I wanted to be a superhero in the first place, and he was so happy for me that I finally did it. Im just so damn proud of him as well. I mean, I know Im a girl, but I feel like the perfect girl for this. Whats wrong with being a girl that appreciates sex. Well maybe its just because Im a girl. As Im walking down the street, I realize that I havent seen a guy in a long time. Oh well, I guess Ill still do it.

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celebrities that got fat