Tiger Woods’ Former Mistress Rachel Uchitel Speaks Out About Their Affair

Tiger Woods‘ former mistress Rachel Uchitel is opening up.

The ex-nightclub hostess is speaking out in her first TV interview for a new HBO documentary about the golf player’s life, Tiger, which premieres on Sunday (January 10).

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According to Daily Mail, Rachel revealed that Tiger called their time together “plugging in” because she would energize him.

She said he would feel “recharged” when they were together because he would unload his problems, and she would ask questions about his life unlike wife Elin Nordegren according to Rachel.

The HBO two-part film also claims he used to order up to 10 prostitutes at a time during wild parties in Las Vegas which cost $100,000 or more for the weekend, according to the outlet.

“I have stayed quiet about this story but at this point I have nothing left to lose. My name hasn’t lost the stigma at all,” she reportedly says in the doc, describing how they first met at a nightclub in New York.

“He said something like when can I see you again. It was intimidating. This was Tiger Woods. I know he was married, I knew he had responsibilities but he said I want you to fly to Orlando then I will come see you there. That was the first night I had sex with him and I remember thinking how am I ever going to be with a mere mortal again because so many people put him on such a pedestal and here he was in my bed, and he was my Tiger,” she reportedly says in the doc.

“He would refer to it as ‘plugging in.’ He would tell me when he saw me he felt he could plug in and get recharged. He had trouble sleeping and would have to take Ambien. I’d sit next to him for hours while he’d fall asleep next to me and when he got up he allowed himself to be a little kid. It sounds kind of odd. He would eat cereal and he’d watch his cartoons and he was like a fountain, he wanted to talk and talk and talk,” she continued to explain.

“He told me a lot about his childhood, his dad and he was sick of trying to hide who he was but he was so scared of the real Tiger not living up to the Tiger that everybody else thinks he is. One day I did ask him why he didn’t check in at home with Elin. He said she doesn’t ask questions like you, she’s not like you. It occurred to me he wanted someone to check in with. I asked him a million questions and he wanted to give every single detail he hadn’t been able to say in years or ever.”

He also told her to “learn to compartmentalize your feelings, push them off to the side and think about something else.”

“This man that everybody wanted a piece of only wanted me. That’s the biggest ‘I love you’ you could hear,” she said.

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