Tiffany Trump is worth a lot more money than you think

Tiffany Trump may be the least Trump-like of all the Trumps, in the sense that, although President Donald Trump and the rest of the first family seem comfortable with the spotlight, she tends to keep a low profile. Case in point: In August 2020, the Daily Mail referred to her scheduled speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention as “a rare public appearance.”

One explanation for Tiffany’s lack of public appearances could be that she’s still a student as of this writing. According to The New York Times, Tiffany is a law student at Georgetown University, which no doubt keeps her busy. Another potential reason? She might be less connected to her siblings, which her mom, Marla Maples, touched on in an October 2016 profile for The New York Times. “I had the blessing of raising her pretty much on my own,” Maples said about her daughter’s upbringing in California, away from the Trump family’s home base in New York.

FYI: Maples was Donald’s second wife, while Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump all came from Donald Trump’s first marriage to Ivana Trump. Barron Trump is the only child from Trump’s current marriage to Melania Trump.

Despite any potential distance within the family, Tiffany is still a Trump, and as such, she has a considerable net worth. We reveal how much money she reportedly has in the bank after the jump.

Does Tiffany Trump have a future in politics?

Like her father, Tiffany Trump has ventured into a variety of passion projects. For instance, in 2011, she released a pop single called “Like a Bird,” and for a time, it seemed like Tiffany was going to pursue a pop star life.

That seems less likely now, as Tiffany’s social media presence shows a growing interest in her father’s political life and captures the young woman in and around the White House. So, could she have a future in politics herself?

Tiffany did offer support for her father’s 2016 campaign when she spoke about President Donald Trump’s gentle, fatherly side. “He’s always helped me to be the best version of myself,” she said at the RNC in 2016 (via TIME). “He draws out the talent and drive in people. That’s a great quality to have in a father and better yet, the president of the United States.”

Bloomberg also speculated on this possibility, saying that Tiffany will likely join the “family business,” but not yet. And if she doesn’t decide to go this route, she has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a future law degree to fall back on.

Of course, Tiffany doesn’t necessarily need to rush into anything. That’s because, according to Celebrity Net Worth, she is reportedly worth $10 million. The bottom line? Tiffany will be comfortable while she decides her future.

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