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AP RockyAfter years of talking on the phone and exchanging emails, the pair of them finally did it, coming out publicly together in 2017. I am overwhelmed and cant wait for our baby to be here. We want to thank everyone who has supported us during this journey. Id like to send a huge hug to my parents, my sisters and my brother and let them know that we are all together and doing so much better than we did. Walliams, who plays the role of Uncle Ed on Downton Abbey, wrote:There are parts of me that remain hidden. There is so much about my private life that I was never prepared to share with my children. They will never know all the things Ive confided in them on those rainy winter evenings when we sat around the dining room table discussing our hopes and our fears. But I will tell them that they are both wonderful and very special to me. I wish I could have said something sooner to comfort you or to reassure you that all was going to be okay. I wish I could have told you I love you. Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds, who has made several films about the gay experience in the entertainment industry, took that approach to his acting career, famously coming out in 2010. He spoke about coming out to castmates and other cast members in 2010:I feel like coming out now would be disingenuous. The way I feel about my own sexuality, I feel like its a no-brainer. Ill see everyone on the set when the movie is over. Although he came out in 2010, Reynolds has been in the public eye for even longer and never stopped talking about his sexuality since then. Hes written several books about his sexual experiences, and he was quoted in a recent GQ piece as saying, I dont know what my life would be without the Internet. He even started his own fashion line with his partner, which debuted earlier this year. Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres came out in a speech at San Franciscos City Hall.

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