Through the plughole! Which stars wallow in ones like these?

Through the plughole! As J-Lo buys a house with 17 bathrooms, which stars wallow in ones like these?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hit the headlines last month when it was reported that the musical sensation, 52, and the Academy Award winner, 49, are in escrow and putting down over $50M on a massive mansion.

The 20,000 square foot estate is located in the luxurious Bel Air neighborhood in Los Angeles, and can easily accommodate their blended family as it features 10 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms.

Here, we’ve taken a peek inside the bathrooms of a dozen Hollywood stars – but can you match the celebs with the enviable interiors?

A: Will and Jada Smith, B: Jennifer Aniston, C: Matt Damon, D: Kate Beckinsale

E: Adele, F: Ariana Grande, G: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, H: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

I: Richard Gere, J: Lionel Richie, K: Karlie Kloss and Josh Kushner, L: Priscilla Presley

We know this recently reunited couple loves to get hot and steamy. A gold-plated roll top tub isn’t cheap, but they’ve got plenty of booty — especially her

Hello . . . is it the soap you’re looking for? This U.S. crooner has gone for a classic style in his sumptuous bathroom, with a deep tub to soak in on a Sunday morning

A simple space for a humanitarian power couple. You could buy a lot of marble for $36 million — the sum this pair helped raise for the country of her birth, Ukraine

The marble bath looks big enough for a few friends. But where’s the shower head, surely vital to the woman who once spawned the most famous haircut of all time

Now here’s a tub for rolling in deep. With sweeping drapes and fluffy throws, this bathroom generates a feeling of calm — just the place for someone like . . . her

This clearly belongs to someone to the manor Bourne. The movie star recently sold up for £14 million. There’s a huge sunken, marble bath — but it has no mat

So breath-taking it could be on Grande Designs. This bathroom is huge — unlike its elfin owner. She recently sold up, but we bet she had a soak . . . one last time

A huge circular bath sits slap-bang in the middle of the bathroom of this movie star. It seems to be made of quartz — surprising as this actor doesn’t like rock

You won’t find net curtains like this in the ghetto. This Beverly Hills home, with eight bathrooms, is owned by an actress once married to a hunk of burning love

A £20k metallic tub features in this Victoria’s Secret model’s bathroom. Her hubby made a fortune in tech — making them as polished as their shiny bath

You might imagine this bathroom belongs to a pretty woman — but it’s an officer and a gentleman. And did those plain, white towels come from the Cotton Club?

Cream and ivory fittings — with a hint of porridge. The English actress who bathed here for 15 years has put the house up for sale. So . . . has it lost some of its sheen?


1H, 2J, 3G, 4B, 5E, 6C, 7F, 8A, 9L, 10K, 11I, 12D 

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