Though Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has his share of celebrity endorsements, Hillary Clinton …

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And a number of the hollywood names above havent actually endorsed anyone else. Which means that he has a large fan base. Still, the celebrities endorsing Clinton are a lot more vocal than the celebs endorsing Trump. Which is why it makes one wonder:What is it that a, makes them act more organized about it and b, more likely to actually do it. The Hillary Clinton Campaign Is More Organized and Will Follow Through on Their Endorsements. The Clintons are by far the most well-known and longest-serving political spouses on the planet. They are almost universally liked and respected in the political realm. They are also both generally known as being strong individuals who will not hesitate to stand up to anyone in their way. The Clintons also have been involved in a protracted struggle with the press of late. While the Clintons have always been known for their ruthlessness in the political realm, their propensity toward bonding with the press has always been well-documented. In addition, the Clintons have had to deal with an ongoing criminal investigation and numerous rumors of a White House coverup on a scale that you dont really see from any other political spouse. All of which has only made it easier for them to maintain their independence from the rest of the political world and their ability to effectively control what comes out about the Clinton family as a whole. The Clintons have also had to deal with the deaths of two of their closest advisors in just a few short months, and a lot fewer deaths than that have already taken place during the course of the yearIn addition, Hillary has also had to deal with the ongoing controversy over her private email server and the Clinton Foundation. The latter came under fire on multiple fronts for its shady and possibly illegal operations. And so while Clinton is surrounded by an aura of untouchability, a fact shes never denied, she also faces a campaign with an unprecedented level of organization, organization which may actually be able to influence results in the upcoming election. In some ways, that may be why shes already been calling out Trumps attacks on the Clintons with more vigor and force, as well as launching her own attacks on him and his own record. While this may be a futile endeavor, and in any case shes already conceded the election, it is encouraging to see. All of which makes it pretty much inevitable that Clinton will follow through with her endorsements. The fact that shes been endorsing Democrats for the last 25 years is no doubt a strong factor in her decision-making process. Celebrities Donald Trump – A Huge Problem For HillaryAs you might.

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celebrities who support hillary