This week, however, the world became aware of another …

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I always thought the Anti-vaxxers were just nutjobs who thought the government was injecting their kid with poison, not actual celebrities, but I guess we all knew someone who fell for the celebrity shills. T like the way the world is going and to them this place could be the only hope of salvation. You would be saving us from our inevitable destruction. The cultist gives you an extremely big hug and embraces you tightly. As you enter the large house, you see a large man with long black hair and a long beard. S wearing a tight fitting leather armor, a bright orange robe and carries a massive battle axe. He looks intimidating even to you, at least until you see his face. Zoll, a large balding man wearing a filthy white lab coat and holding a large metal box on his knee. He stares at you with a look that could kill. He asks, not looking at you, and then he raises his hand and a giant laser beam shoots out of it and hits you in the chest, frying your internal organs and leaving you completely dead.

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