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Thats why I said Id be on your side. Ill be on your side, but Im not going to be your friend. Thats fine, but youre a little late to the party, and Im much more receptive to your points, so you might as well start there. Youve already given me too much credit with this post. You probably wouldve made something a lot more concise, but a great deal of the things that were written in that post were true. Also, the person who was making these statements probably wasnt a very good source as well. In fact, were both a bit of a pair of first-rate sources now. I think Ill read what you wrote first. The important thing to remember is that you have to be on my side. And youre still acting like you know better than me. I guess youre here thinking that you know better. Im not here to hear some dumb ass think they know better than me, thats why I made it clear earlier in the post what my views are on circumcision. So lets go ahead and discuss that and then well get to your claims. Lets start with the very first statement you made. The first thing you need to realize is that circumcision doesnt do any good if your dick is aching all the time. It just aggravates itYoure basically saying that circumcision doesnt do any good on its own. You say it doesnt do any good on its own. This is a pretty simple statement to make given that it cant do any good if its not doing any good. I wont even bother getting into your next statement; youll probably just think Im nitpicking because Im a child, but I will say that youre absolutely right about that statement. Its true, circumcising a baby doesnt do much for a babys sexual health, but that doesnt mean that the circumcision isnt a good thing. It does mean, however, that the benefits are neglible and in fact theyre negative. A babys sexual health is always going to be better if the parent is a sexual healthy person. Circumcision, even when performed by a medical professional, is still just a form of child abuse. It has no medical benefits; its basically just a cosmetic surgery procedure. Its not like babies who are circumcised are going to be able to have sex with more than one person at a.

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