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Hows it feel being the most beautiful woman in the world. M honored and this honor just shows that this is a great opportunity. The Queen says and then takes another glass of wine. M the most beautiful woman in the world with a capital C. Awww, I think you should stop being so modest about your place in the world. The moon is a pretty big step up from our little red dwarf. You say with a smile of your own which makes the Queen laugh. Re getting hungry, so you explain that you might as well get out of here. S no way you could fit anywhere in this house. I could probably eat my way all the way through the castle. Ll take you to my private bedroom and you can have a seat on my bed. S been on my mind a lot lately. Ve known for a long time, but I was afraid to ask. Now I know the only person who could help me is you.

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prettiest female celebrities