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However, there are some other celebrities you should look out for. For example, some of the female celebrities on this list are of a youngerweight range. -Image: A bunch of people reading some sort of science fiction story. You look at the screen and see the same image you saw before. It says:Incoming message from: JobsFrom: JobsSubject: JobTo: LunaJob. And why do they all have three letter last names. You decide to wait to see what the next message is before you decide what to do. You dont really want to know what the next message is, so you decide to wait to see what it is. You watch in silence as the screen changes several times. Then, suddenly, a picture of a strange creature appears on the screen. I want to help you, for some reason, the strange creature says. You begin, but then you realize too late what youre asking. You demand, not knowing whether to be scared or angry. The truth is, I want you to help me out. The first person you save with me, you get to keep. We can call it a deal, cant we. How can it be a deal if one person gets to keep and another gets to die. In fact, if you save more people, youll get to keep me as a pet. After more words from the strange creature, the screen changes and the music changes to something that resembles a more cheerful tune. The creature disappears and the screen changes to a different type of animation. Suddenly, a different, human figure appears on the screen. You can have one person as a pet if you save my life.

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