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Other popular listings include the top hottest gay celebs and the biggest bosomy fatties. You open up Internet Explorer and enter the address bar: www. Opening another tab in your browser, you click and drag the icon in the lower right corner of your screen and a window pops up, as if you were in a new operating system. At the top of the window you see several categories of celebrity profile. The list below the list of celebrities includes a box labeled Whats Hot. The text that appears on the screen reads, This icon means Im a person you can find sexually attractive. If you click on it, youll be taken to my profile. From here, you can read what Im about, send me messages and more. You see a list of celebrities below that reads, Im not on that list. You click on the Whats Hot icon in the bottom right corner of the window. I dont know what you think youre doing, your father says, sitting in the chair across from you. Im trying to find a celebritys name thats not on the list above me, you say, frustrated. Why on Earth would you want to do that. Then, he pauses for a long moment as the word other enters your mind. Youre not supposed to look up celebrity names that arent on the list. Just about everything hes said so far has been in direct contradiction to what hes actually said, but theres a certain logic to his line of thinking, so you agree. Why didnt you tell me this before. He shrugs his shoulders and sits down in the chair across from you, facing away from you. He tilts his head, as if hes trying to look through you with a birds eye view of something. Because the truth is I know it all too well, my son. How do I get into the list of celebrities that arent on the list. Because Im not telling you, he says. You sit there silently for a moment, before your mind wanders to the fact that you were never properly taught how to read. You spend quite a bit of your life in the dark, just hoping that somewhere, in some dusty, ancient book, youll find the answers you desire.

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