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Aries Rising: The New Age Era in Popular CultureWhile the Aries zodiac sign was popularized by movie stars like Julia Roberts and Brooke Shields, in some ways the Aries Rising of the late 1990s and early 2000s is the real birth of the New Age movement. Are on their way to becoming leading proponents for a new age. Aries Rising: The New Age MovementThe new year has come and I am ready to jump back into the world of blogging again. So much has happened this year, but I am also really excited to put out this second book. You can find it here:A New BeginningI know it seems like a ridiculous thing to be excited about, but I really am. The First Year of My Life as an Open-Source Software ArchitectI am very aware that most people reading this probably dont know me or what I do, but that isnt going to stop me from trying to share the personal stuff that is important to me. For me, the year has been an eye opener in how much I dont know and what I have always believed to be true just isnt so. I just went from being a geek who was always in his room tinkering and tinkering until it eventually came out to a person who had to do something about his technical skill set or that skill set would never develop. The year has also been a lesson in what I dont want out of my life and how difficult it is to achieve things that I do want. For the last two years I have been putting in hundreds and hundreds of hours of work on the first draft of my autobiography. It started with the initial idea and writing, the actual editing, and now it is time to go to the printer. It has taken time away from my actual job as a software architect so that I could concentrate on this project, but it is time to move on. I am not sure what my next step will be yet because I really want to focus on my book. I dont want to reinvent the wheel, but I do want to re-learn it. I dont want to make the same mistake I made a couple of years ago. I just have one question:What does a software architect do. But before we go any further, I have a.

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