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Madonna is listed as first on the Leo List, August 25th, 1975. She is a celebrity, and has been so for many years, not quite enough to be on the list but not quite enough not to be a celebrity. Her career in acting began relatively late, but she has been successful from the start, and she is very popular. Madonna is known to be a lesbianShe is listed as the fourth Leo male celebrity of all time and 1 on the Leo List, August 25th, 1975. In 1976, Madonna became an official member of a famous American rock band, the B52s, known as the Beatles of their generation. 2 They released hits such as, You Say A lot, Helter Skelter, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, and Baby One More Time. Madonna is listed as 6 on the Leo List, August 25th, 1975. 3 She was born Barbara Ann Louise Ciccone. She is listed as 10 on the Leo List, August 25th, 1975. In August 1973, Madonna announced on the cover of the December 1973 New York Times Magazine that she was having an open relationship with movie director and songwriter, Guy Lapointe. 4In April 1977, Madonna had a baby with Guy Lapointe. The child was named Luca Francesco Luca Francesco De Laurentiis. The babys father was Madonna, whom Madonnas close friend Richard Branson announced Madonna was pregnant with, in the June 1977 edition of the UKs Daily Express. The New York Times reported that one of Madonnas friends, Robert Gitt, was having an affair with her as well. Both Madonna and Gitts friend Richard Branson were both pregnant when the two parted company. 5Madonnas decision to go public with her pregnancy attracted interest from media members across the world. This is a major decision for her to be making, and for all sorts of reasons, and I wouldnt expect her to be a beacon of sexual purity, but I do imagine that if shes still with Guy and hasnt made a decision about a baby, then she might not have the same resolve, said Branson and he went on to state that she would fall into the category of a non-pregnant Madonna. 5 You hold her hand edit hide In December 1981, Madonna gave birth to the child Luca Francesco De Laurentiis Luca Francesco De Laurentiis.

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