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The entry that contains all the information is: All information about Cuba, including its people, geography and places to visit, are a tribute to the friendship of the Cubans, through and through. May the eternal happiness of the Cuban nation and people remain in your hearts and in my eternal life. The only thing we ask is for your time and your attention. But you can also read the article that I gave. There is no need to click, you can scroll through the article that I gave to your own convenience. However, I would ask you to do something else for me. You are now watching the video of this man, a man who may be a real Cuban or maybe not. You cant tell from the picture that was posted, and thats probably because you dont have enough information on the man to be able to tell. You can also tell this man is a foreigner, because his English is pretty bad. However, his facial features are very similar to that of an American. The only thing that might be a little surprising are the clothes that hes wearing. Im looking for a boy to marry me, the man says. It might be a little unusual for a young woman to just be asking a man to marry her, but of course there is a sexual connotation to it Im on my way to Florida. If you know anyone there, send them my way. I need that money for a plane ticket to visit my family. Youre on your way to visit your family. A boy that has green eyes and a long, light blonde hair. Yes, but thats not how it seems to me, he says as he looks into the camera. Yes, he says as he shakes his head. You mean to tell me you got cancer, and that you didnt tell anyone.

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