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Maybe I should start at the top and look at the celebrity with the most publicity. You look at CristalCristal Clarke is a famous realtor in Santa Barbara and owns Cristal Jewelers. D give the list to you, though, would she. S necessary for her to be representing anyone who wants her help. Re trying to narrow it down to the least dangerous options:Jenna Jameson. Re looking for where the celebrity resides in order for the best chance of getting them to pay your fee. You take a deep breath and mentally prepare yourself for this task. Cristal JewelrySanta Barbara, CACristal Jewelry is the only known organization that has a license to do what it does. The business is still going strong, with the same owner. She has been known to go against the law when necessary. However, she also has a reputation for overcharging her clients. The city is so small that you would think they would have a better way of doing business.

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celebrities who live in santa barbara