This is the largest college admissions scandal ever prosecuted in…

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You think back to when you were young and in college, and remember a much bigger scandal where you believed that some of the rich kids in your dorm were paying for your tuition. Well, you were wrong on that one too, because the college didnt charge them for the tuition. The rich kids just came in and paid the bill. Still, you sort of want to see if your sister is the same as her parents claim. After all, your parents said you were very close. Not that your relationship hasnt always been rocky at best with them. You say I was already doing thatI was already doing that, you call out. You talk to her for awhileOkay, okay, Ill talk to you later You say as you slowly walk away from her. You walk home and think about the whole situation. As much as you dont want to think about all the stuff that has happened in the last few days, you still feel like its going to all work itself out. Hell, if it ever does, itll probably be because of this. Though you really dont want to think about what mightve happened had you not had the supportive parents, You dont even answer your phone though. About how your sister looked so pretty and had such pretty long hair. It all makes you think about how you really shouldve just accepted your fate even if it is a bad one. Oh so its you, Ive been really worried about whats been going on. Oh were on the run from the FBI and were not sure of whats going to happen yet. How long have you and your family been on the run and what do you mean by that. We cant get onto the internet or phone because apparently the NSA has blocked it, so we cant contact any of our family members or friends either. Theyre currently at their mansion, my Dad came home very late last night and said he found a note on his pillow saying that I need to come home or he was going to shoot him. Well thats kind of worrisome that he would come home that late. It is, but I know he wouldnt want any problems and he doesnt.

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