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You dont post anythingYoure too scared to post anything in this thread anymore. You dont want to be a jerk and post the photos and post some ideas about why celebrity deaths are more tragic than you ever could have ever imagined. You also dont want to add to the people who are actually joking about it. You get the sense you might have contributed to some of the death threads anyway. You decide to delete your posts from this thread entirely. You have nothing to contribute anymore and the entire thread is just pointless to you. But why waste time on something you cant contribute to. You sleepYou drift off to sleep thinking about your life and being glad that you are still alive. When you wake up again you decide to check your phone for the messages. Sorry to bother you with so many messages, but there are some new threads created about this. Some people are freaking out about how strange it is that there are new celebrity deaths. There is even a thread started on a site called Reddit as well. While you have no idea what these people are talking about, you are definitely fascinated by the fact that there are more celebrity deaths than ever before. You think about how people dont normally die of natural causes in the first place; they usually die from some sort of accident. How is it that some of the celebrities that you know have died so young. How come some of them have died of unnatural causes. You feel like you are missing out on something if you arent following the news about all this. Celebrities actually die from unnatural causes more than you ever think about when they are dying in movies and in TV shows. Do we have to resort to drugs and such just to go on. As you are reflecting on this weird situation, the phone suddenly rings. A voice answers the phone and it sounds a bit different than the one that you usually get on the phone. It feels like it is coming from deeper in the house, but you cant place the source of the sound. You dont know why, but it feels a bit creepy to not know who is on the other end of the phone. My name is John and I just got killed in a car crash a few hours ago. You then hang up the phone completely and you sit on the floor of your living room staring at the wall with your fingers over your mouth. When you come back to your phone, it still says that it was on hold. You dont know what is wrong with this phone, but you have to know why it disconnected when it was on hold.

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