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You can even submit your own photo manipulations for possible use in Goldys collection. Goldy is comingforyourlife and you desperately need to get out of here. If this sounds interesting to you, please visit Goldys Twitter account for more information: Thank you. GoldyThe first day of fall at the end of September in the town the name of Rask has changed into something much less pleasant. It is not the usual war with the tribes and bands which usually mark this time of year, the smallfolk of Rask have long since begun to feel the effects of the long-lasting winter. Rask stands alone and out of place, a monument to an ancient and long-since forgotten past. For two weeks the men of the 6th Hussars have been scouring the mountains, the hills and the valleys of the region, trying to find the last remnants of the Klyton militia and the last of the Loyalist militia. The Klyton militia are the last surviving members of the 4th Hussars and the last remaining defenders of Rask. While most of the men of the 6th have been mobilising in the mountains to defend against the Loyalists, a few have been trying to hunt down the last remnants of the Klyton militia. Unfortunately for these brave men, they have only been able to find the militia in small units scattered through the hills and mountains. The militia is now trying to flee to any of its old villages and hideouts, either to escape the wrath of the 6th or to try to find any last surviving members of the old 2nd Klyton militia. In addition to the militia, there are also a few more experienced Klyton militia in a small village near the edge of the Rask mountains and a handful of veteran Klyton militia on their way to their last village in the mountains. The 6th has sent three companies of men, both veteran militia and the last remnants of the 2nd, to go into Klyton to try and find the militia and try to secure as many of them as they can. It is a task that must be done, for the 6th is not going to stand by and watch as the militia are massacred as they try to flee. The 6th has heard that the militia are fleeing in small groups for all kinds of places, but they are fleeing to the hills, mountains and valleys, and they are going to try to go into all places where the militia are trying to flee.

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