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Amongst them, John Travolta is one of those people. And this John Travolta is the man behind one of the most infamous video game character ever created. So what is it that makes John Travolta a video game character. What is it that made John Travolta such a beloved cult icon. Why is there so much nostalgia for John Travolta. What is it about his performance on the movie Top Gun that has him on this list of video game characters. And why, when he was filming Top Gun, was he so insistent on getting naked in order to be part of the movie. John Travolta is a video game character But we dont think all the characters on this list have quite the same story. The only character on this list whose story you dont know is, of course, John Travolta. It was his nude body on Top Gun that convinced millions that he was a video game character Its time to tell this story. Travolta was born into a well-to-do Italian-American family in 1951. By the time he was ten years old, he had a real-life Top Gun pilot father, a real-life Top Gun pilot mother, and an actual real-life Top Gun pilot brother, who just happens to be John Travolta. Of course, the Travoltas werent the only film and television industry celebrities in the Travolta household, but Travoltas parents were better paid, bigger stars, and certainly helped out in the production of movies. So, naturally, the Travoltas went see movies more often than other kids their age did. And so, Travolta got into films that he thought were funny, and went home because he was too damn embarrassed by what he had seen. 700,000; which was the same amount that he had spent on dinner that Sunday. When he was 19 he sold his first book, which sold less than a hundred copies.

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