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The rest of the list includes lots of other celebrities, some of your own friends from school, the heads of companies, and quite a few random people in between. Youre not sure of the chances, but given that youre an incredibly popular kid at your school and youre not from San Francisco, you would think that you might get on the list at least once. In any case, youve probably had a bad day, and you find that your mind wanders to other things. Your thoughts wander to the ones you know about. Your mind wanders to the ones you feel you shouldnt know. All the thoughts in between are of how stupid you feel that youre going around thinking about such petty things. You take a deep breathYou take a deep breath, knowing that there is no point in your thoughts being that unfocused right now. You shake your head and close your eyes. The memories of your life will all be erased eventually anyway, so why dwell on it. Youll just remember the good memories when you live on and not now. You sit up, and sit down again. You sit down again, and stand up again. You sit down, and stand up again. You stand up, and sit down AGAIN.

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