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The movie You become a singer in a bandThe only thing better than being famous is being popular. The problem with being famous is not having anything to do. Its always someone trying to outdo you, which is how you ended up in a cult in the first place. The answer is to embrace your low-keyness, your humility, your weirdness. What you have to offer as a singer is minimal, but it doesnt have to just be your voice. You have a flair for the dramatic, and a knack for comedy, and thats just what this band needs. You need a name, and to settle on one, you ask yourself how youd like to be addressed, How do you know this was your idea. You were in a trance during the songwriting session You decide to go with Brother. This way you can stay humble and maintain a sense of humor about yourself. You think a band called Brother is pretty sweet, and you hope to be able to perform the groups first single in a way that would ensure that they stick with the name. You also think it would be cool to have a logo.

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