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Grammar High 5You have to admit, these celebrities did look pretty cute together as a group. Though you have little doubt that they are very cool in person. One thing that was somewhat unexpected was the fact that there were two people from your particular hometown. How come they have three people from your hometown. That seemed to catch her a little off guard. And my dream is to one day retire to this beautiful vacation home on the shores of Lake Washington. Shes silent for a bit, and then with a smile, she replies, My pleasure, my love. The three of you part ways and you find the rest of your friends. Oh thats a secret, you say with a wink. You look around, and you notice several people staring at you and the person youre with. Youre not sorry, the woman at the bar says with a tone of disapproval. They get it though; you want to take them home. Well I guess it worked out, you say. She gives you a smile and a kiss on the cheek, before looking at your boyfriend. Laura gives you a warm smile as she walks away and leaves. Im ready to go back to my boyfriend, you know where to find me, you say. You hear his voice coming from the room at large.

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