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You did say you were going to be here to make the list more interesting. You get to your destination, which is actually a small parking lot of a Kmart, and take a seat in the shade of the one remaining tree in the lot, which happens to be the same one where you first sat in the middle of the desert. So, what did you want to talk to me about. Okay, so what DID you want to talk about. M just a little on the introverted side myself, so I guess that would be what I want to talk about. The tree says, raising his hand to gesture to the empty area in front of him. S shoulder, and the both of you start to talk. You spend the rest of the day talking to the tree. S story is, though you do get a general idea from his tone of his life. Ll know more when you release him from his glass cage. Re trying to talk to the tree, you begin to see images of the little girl in your head. S a little taller than you, had long black hair, wore a red dress with a white collar, and had small white shoes. Her eyes were blue, and her mouth opened in a half smile. Re talking to the tree, you see a series of other human like beings that you recognize.

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famous asian celebrities