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T get her hands on your car keys before you leave. Re tired of going to parties like this and having to deal with the drama. You hear the front door open again and you hear the door close behind you, leaving all the noise behind. You head up the stairs and finally get to your room. You turn off the phone and put it in your bag as soon as you wake up. You head back downstairs where you still hear the noise. S just the TV playing something funny causing it. You close and lock your door and turn it on, but the TV only plays the same song over and over again. D have to ask her for it, which is another reason why you have to leave now. You can only think about getting on with your life. You begin to fall asleep as you continue to listen to the noise outside in the backyard. The sun is starting to go down so you stay up late into the night thinking about Sarah. The following day you feel refreshed and have a new outlook on life. Ve been having a lot of fun too with the partying. S number pop up on your phone. Re about to pick it up, but then you shake your head and ignore the little voice inside your head that wants to tell you something. You know how it can be hard for you sometimes.

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