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USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue has ordered the seizure of thousands of pounds of goat cheese from an Oregon goat farm in an apparent attempt by the government to crack down on the illegal contraband trade. On Twitter, Perdue said Friday that he has ordered the seizure of the cheese and has asked the U. Attorney to prosecute the owners, who are from Canada but have a farm in New Mexico. -Mexico border last week and has already been destroyed. Officials said its not yet known how Perdue will handle the cheese, though he has the power to destroy it at the border. The seizure follows months of public complaints from ranchers, who said government seizures of animal products like goat cheese and meat at the border were hurting their businesses. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue holds two goats at the White House in Washington in 2014. He has ordered the seizure of the goat cheese at a North Carolina border crossing. Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP, In fact, the Goat Dairy and Goat Cheese Industry Coalition said the cheese seizure demonstrates why the Trump administration wants to crack down on illegal imports. This will help us as a movement get more exposure and more support, said Andrew Seaman with the coalition, which includes five dairy companies that produce goat cheese. Seaman said the coalition wants to work with the U. Attorneys office in New Mexico to prosecute the owners of the goat farm. Federal law makes it illegal to import, export, trade in or possess with intention to trade in goat products like cheese. The dairy industry argues that the government should crack down on smugglers who are illegally smuggling goat cheese along the Mexican border. The smugglers will sometimes pay smugglers to ferry the cheese to other locations in the U. However, the goat dairy industry has said its an inefficient and dangerous method of competing with states such as New York, Vermont and California, where the dairy producers can easily sell goat cheese in bulk. It wants the government to use more traditional methods of enforcement, like seizure and prosecution. Seaman has urged the Trump administration to crack down on smugglers.

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