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With less than a few days until the 2016 election, the media frenzy around the Republican nominee has made it seem as if Hillary Clinton would be leading the country right now. The latest Fox News national poll shows Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson taking just one percent of the vote, far behind Clintons 45 percent. While Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein received one percent of the vote, another third-party candidate, Darrell Castle, received nearly five percent, and hes still in the race. This years election is not only being won by Donald Trump, but also by Gary Johnson for the Republican Party. In fact, Johnson is the most popular national politician on the ballot. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Johnson revealed that he was the first presidential candidate to have over 2 million registered voters. If these voters were added to a general election ballot, Johnson would lead Clinton by nearly four percent. While it is true that Johnson is running on a third-party ticket, this isnt the case to divide the vote. Rather, most third-party voters actually want to vote for Clinton and Trump. Jill Steins website states that shes not running as a Green Party candidate, but as a third party candidate running on the ballot. Stein has been receiving millions of votes for her campaign through her social media and blog posts. Trump is running as the Republican Partys candidate, and Clinton is running as the Democratic Partys candidate. These are two of the most unpopular presidential candidates in American history and, according to most recent polls, are facing a tough race in November. However, if the Republicans and Democrats respective presidential candidates were as unpopular as they are and that third-parties were included, youd have a different political landscape. If third-party candidate Stein could get the four percent required in the election to get on the general election ballot, Trump would be taking a landslide in November. Clinton would have to win a tight race to win the presidency, which is unlikely for the Democrats, even with Steins five percent. If Trump wins the election, you would have a second Clinton presidency. If Donald Trump wins the presidency, it will be because Clintons scandals cost her the election, not because of any issues Donald Trump is currently facing. With so many Americans wanting to send the Democratic and Republican parties to the political dustbin in November, it makes sense that third-party candidates are being heard. We are the only major country where we leave the outcome of our elections to a small handful of people. Donald Trump could decide to end this in the U. If Americans are really ready for this, its time to get our representatives elected by voting.

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