Theyre speaking out to raise more awareness about infertility…

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They did some sort-ual charity event. She was having problems with the health of her uterus as far back as 2012. Kanye has had problems with his period intermittently for years. And her own health issues have always plagued her. And now theyre both in their 40s and still havent given birth. Its been a while and in the years since the birth of your eldest daughter, you have had issues, if not issues with your mind itself, then certainly with you. You have gone from a person who was able to be physically intimate and passionate with anyone to a person who couldnt. You had issues with your relationships and have never managed to build a stable family for yourself. So you call up the most successful celebrity couple on the planet. And you dont exactly bring up how you need help. The celebrity couple who are currently on the cover of the magazine, who are also speaking out to raise awareness about infertility. They have countless achievements and have a net worth that could easily buy a piece of property in any major city on earth. Their problems are bigger than you and they need to see that before they can help you. Youre going to have to get yourself a lot of help. Youll have to get a lot of women to have sex with you. Youll have to get a lot of pills and youll have to get a lot of everything else the couple has been pushing. And youll have to trust them and youll have to do this alone and youll have to get your mind right and youll have to do it fast. And then theyll help and then youll have the solution.

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