They then gave marriage a second shot, marrying in 1986 …

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I can no longer support her anymore. At this point you get on your knees and pick up Marisol from the floor. You grab her hand and hold on to it tightly before you turn around and walk back into bedroom. You immediately get back up and try to close the gap, but Marisol is faster than you. Re still turning around and moving back, you feel the tip of the knife touch your throat. Re experiencing causes you to stumble backwards with the knife still pressed to your throat. She says and then slashes your throat open with the knife. T even have time to cry out or scream out for help as the blade goes in. Blood is everywhere and then you feel a sharp pain in your chest. You fall on the floor and you look up only to see Marisol standing over you. You say and then you begin to gurgle up blood and die. T care anymore and just hope the next thing you feel is absolute blackness.

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most married celebrities