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Click To Enlarge This is a lot of information to have to communicate to an entirely new group of people. So there isn t just one way to do this. Click To Enlarge I hope this information gives you a little head start to get started in the game. You have now clicked to the first of the links, which take you to your own personal message board for celebrities. A very large picture of the star is on the screen, and a message comes up with the words:Dear XXX,There are so many new people in the world these days that it can be hard to even meet them all. But you are the first person whos seen my face in years, and Im so happy that you did. I know youve had a lot on your mind lately, but I have a big surprise for you. Please come up here to my private messaging board called The Lady in Black. A large black window in the wall is partially opaque, and you can just make out the words Private. Looking out the window, you see the building on your left is still standing with its roof in place, but the part of the exterior facing Broadway is gone. You then see a building with small letters that start with P near the end of the street. You go inside The Private BuildingThe wall of the private building has a door on two sides and a window on the third, so you must be in the right building. The door has an electronic key card slot on one side. Opening the door, you see a small living area behind a glass wall with a couch and some floor cushions. One of the cushions is turned into a bed by putting one leg over it. On the wall in the corner are two small windows, one full of sunlight and one filled with moonlight. Then, you reach over to grab a piece of paper with the name Lady in Black written on it from your pocket, take a pen and start writing:Dear XXX,I know you must be tired. I know that youre in a position to do a lot of important work for The People. I need to get you out someplace where you.

Information about How to contact celebrities

how to contact celebrities