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You: You think these are just a few examples of celebrities with hair that would work. The fact remains that there are far more examples of celebrities with natural hair than there are of celebrities that have not, and there are far more pictures of celebrities with hair that doesnt have bleached or straightened edges than pictures of celebrities with hair that does. You: Well, there is always the fact that the majority of your friends have hair you cant touch. Youre fairly certain that having hair is a sign that youre not a boy, therefore if you arent a boy you have to either be a girl or you have very good hair. Your mother is your very best friend due to being incredibly beautiful. Shes tall and skinny, and has soft, full lips. As youve seen youre pretty sure youre a cute girl, and youve never been in the same room as her when shes not kissing and hugging you. So it is pretty much a given that you have to be a girl, but you have no idea why there is a need to point out the obvious. It is your mother, and your mind is mostly thinking about her hair. What makes you feel the need to prove anything, especially when it would probably be just as accurate to say youre a little girl and to then say youre a little girl in the body of a girl. Sure, shes short and skinny, which makes her hair look like a thin layer of hair, but her hair also looks like a fine hair over her face. She also has a small, innocent mouth and delicate lips, which make her lips look like small, soft, white flowers. In fact whats different about her hair and lips is that they glisten. Its a white, glistening white that doesnt even get shiny looking, but just looks beautiful. You are pretty sure the fact that she has blonde hair is an important difference, but she is only a girl, and everyone knows girls who are beautiful cannot be boys. You are a girl, and everyone knows girls cant be boys. Your mother, you are so sure, youre just so sure.

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